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The world can never have enough inspiration.

And 2nd Acts are full of inspiration!

We became cancer survivors at diagnosis, as that’s the moment we began surviving the disease. For some, it’s also the moment a burning desire to help others was born. Using their gifts of life and experience, they’ve created 2nd Acts, giving back to the greater good in amazing ways.

If that describes you, we want to hear your story!

We’re not looking for professional actors, but everyday Arizona women, who have taken their lives back after any kind of cancer. Here are the nuts and bolts:

  • You’ll read a 5-minute story for our audition team (FYI, if selected, you’ll be reading it on stage, too).

  • We know the treatment was rough – we’re survivors too!  But only spend 1 minute on your diagnosis and treatment. The focus should be how you re-entered your life with pizzazz  with a 2nd Act.

  • Our casts are diverse in terms of cancer type, age, and story tone. We LOVE humor – if it’s one of your super powers, go for it!

  • We’ll also need a 50-word bio and a headshot. It doesn’t have to be a professionally taken picture, but it should be a flattering, high-resolution photo of just you that you wouldn’t mind having plastered EVERYWHERE in town!

We suggest traveling over to our Purple Tribe page and watching the videos of some (or all!) of our previous cast members.

Remember, they weren’t professional actors, but they were professionally coached once selected. It was their marvelous 2nd Act stories that touched the audition teams’ hearts.

Are you ready? 

PLEASE NOTE: The audition location address and other details will be included in your audition confirmation email.

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